Bob’s Market Message

Bob McConkey

September 16, 2014

The Montana Days sale dates back well before the days of DAA Northwest. Bob Berger, founder of the Tri Cities Auto Auction, began a tradition over 50 years ago that was built upon by Nick Drizietch. We kept the sale alive upon acquiring TCAA in 1996. When we sold it to Copart as a salvage auction facility, we brought Montana Days to Spokane. The dealers of Western Montana represent much of the core of DAA and have been tremendous customers since day one.

This year’s Montana Days event was a record, with nearly 1600 units sold! Although the national trend according to the “experts” is that vehicle values are in rapid decline, there has been little evidence of that here over the past two weeks. The softening market of August has reversed, at least for now. Nice cars and especially trucks are in steep demand. Retail seems very good for most.

Meanwhile, the guest of honor for this year’s Moose Sales in Spokane and Seattle is being cut and wrapped. Greg and I had planned to hunt moose together this year, but unforeseen commitments at the last minute kept us home. Our thanks to Bob Gambrel (husband of our HR department’s Carol Gambrel) who filled-in and got the job done. Be sure to mark your calendars for DAA Northwest’s Moose Sale on October 8th and 9th, and DAA Seattle’s on Friday, October 17th.

Thanks for your support of DAA –
See you in lanes!