Bob’s Market Message

Bob McConkey

August 28, 2015

I spent this past week at our sister auction in Kansas City attending their Guitars and Cars event sale. This is KCI’s country music version of the Rock & Roll Sale, and they featured up-and-coming star David Nail on the KCI Stage. I didn’t know David Nail from Tom Thumb…I’m not much a country music guy, but I do love selling cars! I am proud of what the team in Kansas City accomplished this week, selling nearly 1700 units of 2500 consigned.

DAA Northwest continued to roll this week, selling 950 of 1600 consigned. Trucks were plentiful and while the market has softened slightly, sellers are meeting the buyers where they need to be and making car deals!

DAA Seattle had a decent sale this week as well, with nearly 300 sold of 600 consigned.

Fall is rapidly approaching and a traditional, healthy fall market is in the works. I surely do not predict any major slide or radical adjustment in the coming weeks and months. Just more of the same – lots of product and good demand for the right units. It is those “wrong” units that will suffer. Rough, high mileage undesirables have to be really cheap, or they will be overlooked in the lanes for sure. It’s the time of year to pay attention! But I guess it is always that time of year in the car business.

Thanks for all of the support we receive for our efforts every week!

See you in the lanes next week.

– Bob

Quote of the week: “The things we love tell us what we are.” Thomas Aquinas