Bob’s Market Message

Bob McConkey

September 18, 2015

DAA Northwest’s 2015 Montana Days sale was a huge success with record numbers: 3050 consigned and 1800 sold with more offers to put together as of this writing.

Montana Days was not our original promotion. It is one we acquired when we purchased the Tri City Auto Auction in 1996. Its founder and our close family friend Bob Berger – and later, Nick Drazyich – originated Montana Days in the 1970s. We sold the Tri City sale to CoPart in 2000, and at that time we moved the event to Spokane. Regardless of the venue, Montana Days has always been a tribute to the great state of Montana and it auto dealers, who are such an integral part of the backbone and makeup of our DAA community.

This year’s Montana Days brought buyers and sellers together in giant numbers to trade inventory and make deals. The dealer community is unique in its willingness to trade and accept current reality, in many cases amongst friends.

We are in the midst of a fall market adjustment that is inevitable with the volumes of vehicles on the market right now. The “seasonal adjustment,” as the analysts call it, is certainly not severe. In fact it is healthy. Demand for the right units remains solid. Supply and demand is healthy, prices are reasonable and I see nothing but more of the same over the next few weeks and beyond.

Thanks for a great sale and for your continued support of what we do!


Quote of the week:

“One should die proudly when it is no longer possible to live proudly” – Friedrich Nietzsche
– In memory of our good friend Steve Strout, who passed away Thursday night.