Bob’s Market Message

Bob McConkey

May 17, 2015

DAA Seattle celebrated its second birthday this past Friday. I am so proud of the team in Seattle, whose unwavering commitment and dedication to excellence is being acknowledged by your explosion of support in the marketplace. The auction offered 980 units this past week with over 500 sold and counting as of Saturday morning.

DAA Seattle is for real! We are a two-year-old toddler. Like any two-year-old, we are curious, a little mischievous, making a few mistakes, growing like a weed, learning every day, and full of potential. We are alive and well!

Congratulations to the entire DAA Seattle team on a fantastic sale, and thank you to all the dealers who have supported us through thick and thin, partnering with us to get our Western Washington sale off the ground.

As for the market…Well, it is May. The annual first quarter riptide has subsided. Although this should come as no surprise, it is nonetheless a little painful. I personally feel that these market adjustments are a natural part of our annual cycle. They are necessary and healthy to provide balance. This year’s slow down, I feel, will not be dramatic nor long lived. I don’t see a return to February and March’s activity, but I do predict a healthy rebound in mid-June through July and August.

From what we hear, retail activity in the region is good, and is actually picking up again. Inventories are healthy. The Canadian truck invasion continues to put pressure on prices as demand subsides. It is simple supply and demand economics. Marginal trucks from up north are everywhere. F150s are like locusts – they are thick. Nice ones still command good prices, but anything less than nice has to be cheap to get anyone’s attention. Thank God the Northwest folks love their trucks!

DAA Seattle and DAA Northwest sold a combined 3000-plus units in the past two weeks. We are alive and well and we are growing! We exist to serve you…that is our mission!

Thank you for your continued and growing support of our efforts. See you in the lanes this week!

– Bob McConkey